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After work ride

Last Friday I decided to make a longer trip as I really missed it and I had to test my new bike on a longer distance.
I cycled toward Livingston but my feet was so cold that I decided to return in East Calder. It was nice and easy ride, but main roads were very busy and cycling wasn’t a pleasure:(
Here are some photos which I took on that day, I played with some of them in PS but I think result is cool;)

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New Year – New bike;)

I found out that repair my old bike will be too expensive, so I decided to buy a new one;)
And here it is:)

Weather station

As there are many concerns about temperature and forecast, I’ve made some research today and found nice weather site which shows temperatures from a weather station in the city centre 😉

Weather Underground PWS ICITYOFE6

Hope it will be helpful;)

Hi guys!

Sorry, I haven’t been here for a while but I’m still cycling instead of weather;) Unfortunately, I don’t have any new pictures, cos it’s dark and I’m always in a hurry;) But I hope during Christmas there will be nice weather and I get out for a bike and take some nice snowy – bike photos;)

BTW, I have a bike blog (unfortunately it’s in Polish;)) maybe someone will be interested;)
Here you can see some statistics;)

button stats

Winter arrived!

There is a lot of snow everywhere but it does not mean that we should stop cycling;)

Red Carpet

Well, I know that winter is coming so I can warm you up with this wonderful photo, taken not so long ago, with beautiful reddish leaves. It was taken on the path along the Water of Leith which by the way is very nice cycle path.



I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is beautiful place to live, cycling and taking photographs and this is what this blog will be about. As tittle of this blog suggest I cycling around the city with my camera and try to freez beauty of Scottish capital, especially from biker point of view;)